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We’re great believers that tea helps us in so many ways. Putting on the kettle and clasping a warm cup can help us settle and bring calm, it can be the conduit for a conversation and it can also help us to regain a sense of perspective.

If we permit ourselves to press the pause button on life and just sit with tea, our eyes can be opened in so many ways. Time to think and see what’s around us, which in today’s busy lives often goes unnoticed.

That’s why our brew with a view was born. We would like to develop a gallery and some lovely social featuring the views that you see when you stop and stare.

It could be tea in a flask and a view of Morecambe Bay with the Lakeland Fells as a backdrop, it could be a local park, but it could also be your own garden, lovingly curated to provide personal space, or even the view from your armchair.

If you have a brew with a view that you would like to share we would love to see it so we can start to compile a Lancashire Tea family album. We would love your help.

Send us your pics with a caption to xxxxx

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